Our materials

We create wooden glasses with an innovative and distinctive design, using materials known for their strength and lightness such as titanium.

Our desire, to combine originality and comfort!

Selection of wood species that we use:

Rosewoodbringing together different types of wood growing in the tropics, this wood has allowed us to create colored, marbled glasses ...
EbonyIt owes its particularity to its very dense color, black.
BirchWell known for its white, smooth and shiny bark, the opposite of ebony. This wood allowed us to create beautiful luminous glasses.
NoyerIts color varies from yellow to mauve gray. This wood has a medium grain and slightly veined.
MaronnierBark reddish brown, the cracks of which run lengthwise.
EbonyWhile keeping its black color, this essence is made up of small brown grooves.
ChêneSpecies prized for its beauty, its hardness and its durability, mixture of colors, this essence knew how to dress several glasses.
ZinganaTypical zebra effect. Rare wood species, its contrasting and very graphic grain which makes this wood luxurious.
MerisierCompact texture, amber in color, this essence has low availability due to its slow growth.
Cèdre grisThe grayish bark, dark, is cracked and forms a sort of irregularly sized scales.

Another material, titanium:

We also use titanium, to ensure our glasses are light and optimally flexible.